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About Me: My grandparents were born in the Indian Territory / Oklahoma. My parents were born in Oklahoma, as was I, my wife, my children and my grandchildren. I was an irresponsbile teenager (it was the 60's, what can I say?) but managed to mature a little. I attend the University of Oklahoma and got a BA in History and went to work for a Fortune 500 company where I was unhappy. Eventually, I went back to OU for my MBA and PhD in MIS (ABD). I became a contract programmer because I programmed much better than I published. I also became a VAR for a firm selling accounting software written in a computer language called dBase that was designed for the Intel 8088 processor. I stayed firmly seated at the grindstone and in the first years of the new millenium I decided I needed a change. I figured that if I was ever going to to do all those things I said that I wanted to do, I'd better get going. In 2005 I sold my house and business and went to truck driving school. I now drive a Big Rig - mine - and I try not to work more than 6 months a year. I make an effort to spend at least 3 months a year outside of the U.S. I'm married. My wife and I have 6 kids and 9 grandchildren. Maybe that's why I like to travel so much.

Postscript: In December, 2010 I hung up my Driver's cap for good. The road had taken its' toll. I was no longer willing to drive 180 days a year, regardless of the money and the ability to work when I wanted. I had seen America. I was tired of being gone from home for 9 months a year. I needed a rest. In 2011 I sold my truck and trailer and was unemployed for the year. However, I wasn't inactive. I traveled overseas to Asia and South America for several months. In the fall I enrolled in an online course to to become certified in Oracle, the world's preeminent database. I want to go back to work sometime in the near future as a software developer or administrator. Even though I programmed for 20+ years, my skills are dated. Fortunately, I have a little flexibility as to my future.

RollingOkie OKC, Jan 1, 2012

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CSS Sites - Internet References

As I learned to write code on the Internet I found that I would need to learn new skills to be able to achieve certain results. The Internet is one big library and the world's best single educational resource for those wanting to write code. The sites listed below are sites that I visited looking for solutions to coding problems. They are listed here so that I can find easily find them again and as a reference for others.

W3 Schools CSS Tutorial W3 Schools are great for basic fundamental learning. I wish I had a dollar for every time I have been there to check something out.

Zen Garden is the Web site that everyone talks about when they talk about CSS creativity. Pretty artsy stuff.

Dynamic Drive is a Web site that has lots of good stuff for people who write code. This is their CSS site.

CSS Templates provides hundreds of free CSS templates for people who want a quick tempalte. When I was new to CSS I used to download templates and mess with them to learn a little about CSS.

BarelyFitz is a site that has a very good section on positioning elements. Learn positioning very quickly.